1. naimabarcelona:

    Karlie Backstage at Oscar De la Renta by Miguel Yatco

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  2. miguelyatco:

    oscar de la renta, spring 2014,

    by miguel yatco

  3. miguelyatco:

    first looks. oscar de la renta, bridal 2015.

    by miguel yatco

  4. andreasanterini:

    Milana Kruz, Sasha Luss, Marine Deleeuw, Ashleigh Good, Larissa Hofmann, Franciska Gall, Anmari Botha & Devon Windsor in “En El Nombre Del Padre” / Photographed By Jean-Baptiste Mondino / For Vanity Fair Spain May 2014

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    Julius Kronberg (Swedish, 1850-1921), “Romeo and Juliet on the balcony”

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    this is the kind of cake I want for my birthday

    replace the 1s with 20s or 50s and we’re good

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    How to ruin your children’s porn step 1

    That’s parenting done right

    oh my god

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  8. tarkovskologist:

    Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) Dir. Robert Bresson

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