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    Statue, Piazza Venezia overlooking the Colosseum, Rome

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  3. NOX (architecture by Lars Spuybroek)
    H20 (saltwater/freshwater) Pavilion, 1997
    interactive installation,
    Rotterdam, Holland.
    "Architecture Liquide - NOX, Freshwater pavilion" (1998) - photo by Neeltje Jans
    © NOX Architecture / /Neeltje Jans

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    The Louvre Lens, designed by SANAA

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  8. Andrew Valko, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’, 2012

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    photographed by Peter Lindbergh,"Talking to Myself," Yohji Yamamoto (2002)

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    Talking to YouHow to Dress Well

    I’m past the part of all of my days since you passed away
    But you used to say you left me in a state I can’t escape