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    Talking to YouHow to Dress Well

    I’m past the part of all of my days since you passed away
    But you used to say you left me in a state I can’t escape

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    How To Dress Well - Words I Don’t Remember

    Under the name of How To Dress Well, Tom Krell is part of a new wave of R&B artists who are twisting the malleable genre into new shapes. His brand is a vaporous one. Brandishing impeccable production, Krell doesn’t pull any punches with his sharp introspection and emotional unpacking. This time around, he’s attempting to tackle the incongruity of both physical and emotional space and closeness present in the context of love. Krell begins the song with direct rectitude: “You know that I love you, baby”. What unfolds is an contemplation of words left unsaid and acknowledgement of their occasional necessity, even when those words may express both pain and support. He calmly delivers the last line before over two and a half more minutes of a musical expanse that exemplifies that verbal void touched on throughout; the song beautifully bleeds into itself.



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    How to Dress Well-ecstasy with jojo


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    Dreams we dream together are reality.

    -Morten Bjarnhof

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     Cara Thayer and Louie Van Patten - “Confrontational Paintings of Intimacy”

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    Lindsey Wixson for Garage Magazine

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    Alexander Wang spring 2015 rtw backstage